Marketing & Branding

MARKETING We have expertise in Strategic Marketing Planning, Branding and Positioning. With these key strategic components in place, you have the roadmap to help achieve your overall business goals.

BRANDING We regularly conduct a Brand Foundation Analysis for clients - a powerful and unique methodology used by some leading world-side brands. We guide you to define how customers connect with you at different levels of meaning. We define your brand promise and develop your unique brand profile which addresses how you are differentiated. This becomes the platform for future sales and marketing programs and communications.

Some projects include:

  • Integrated marketing plan for one of Canada's largest insurance companies
  • Distribution strategy for sales force of 900 brokers
  • Design and implementation of customer service program for $2 billion business

PLANNING Parker & Associates works with you to develop comprehensive marketing plans that address all aspects of the marketing mix. Our distribution, sales and customer service programs are tailored to your specific corporate needs. We are also experts in helping you choose advertising agencies, designing research projects, and creating socially responsible marketing programs.

Some exciting projects:

  • Integrated marketing plan for one of Canada's largest grocery chains
  • Repositioning and marketing strategy for international franchisor
  • Brand foundation exercise for international professional services firm to determine their brand essence and differentiation from competitors
  • Complete rebranding for national firm in home improvement industry including repackaging for 4,000 skus and new corporate identity


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I've know Pat over many years including his extensive career with McDonald's and we have shared client work at times. He's a strong marketing guy who really understands the benefits of good strategy and brand building. He's a business and marketing professional that you can trust.
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Frank Palmer
Chairman, DDB Canada